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The Garden Professional - Tunbridge Wells

With Storm Brian now finally passed, most of you hopefully without to much damage in your garden, you can look at the first stages of "winter tidy up"time. Looking after gardens on a regular basis for customers from Hastings to Tunbridge Wells its that time of year where the leaves have started to fall and Storm Brian has certainly helped with the process this year!

Its not all bad as with some of the leaves down they can be collected and put into bin liners to accelerate the "leaf mulch" which is great for beds the following year. If you can wait that long then we are happy to rake them up as part of our time spent in your garden. This time of year is truly beautiful in Tunbridge Wells - all the leaves of the trees (especially across the Common) turning their autumnal colours, and in the gardens roses still blooming along with the sedums, asters and verbena displaying their vibrants colours. With your garden benefitting from summer plants being cut down these autumn flowers really do stand out.

If your finding your garden too much to manage or just want it tidied up or looked after on a regular basis, then contact us and we may well be able to help. We specialise in doing half or full days within your garden rather than just a "quick" visit, so you really see a difference after we have been.

Visit our main website at for more details of how we may be able to help

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