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February Tips:

This is a great time to love your Roses!

Cut back all growth by up to two thirds, always to about 5 mm (1/4" in old terms) and with the buds facing out. Cut out obvious old stems and remove stems growing in the middle.

Trim your vines! Particularly Virginia Creeper and Boston Ivy if they are against house walls (dont let them get to the roof areas!) they grow vigorously so you can cut these back hard.

Pot ideas: If you plant some Dwarf gladioli (these are delicate not the usual bulky plants) bulbs every few weeks into pots then from June onwards you will be rewarded with a succession of flowers throughout the summer (try

Prune your Clematis

It is time to prune clematis the ones that flower in May/June (they are known as group 2) and those that flower in late summer (are known as group 3). Group 2 flower on shorter new growths, from older stems, and if shorten last year’s growth back to a pair of healthy buds. This will stimulate side shoots. Group 2 flower on new growth, soy can be quite harsh and they can be cut back hard I do back to a couple of feet or around 50 cm from the ground. .

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